tips to eat pintxos in san sebastian Gastronomy

Tips to eat pintxos in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is known for its gastronomy, especially its pintxos. And although eating pintxos may seem like an easy thing to do, I’m sure that more than one person has doubts about the protocol to follow once in front of the counter. To help any visitors who might be lost, here are some tips on […]

Basque Culinary Center Gastronomy

Basque Culinary Center: where the new gastronomy is born

Over the years, gastronomy has gone from simply covering a vital need to being one of the most important factors in our society. Cooking has become an art and enjoying food is a true experience. Due to this trend, the creation of gastronomic teaching points began to be greatly encouraged, highlighting among all of them […]

Best pintxos in San Sebastian Gastronomy

Best pintxos in San Sebastian

The city of San Sebastian was the cradle of what is now common in Spain, tapas. Its pintxos are small dishes with incredible bites for the palate. At present, the San Sebastian pintxo route has become a great tourist attraction, so if you visit it, you cannot miss it. The most typical pintxos in San […]


The Gilda

The world of pintxos is huge, vast, complex and very rich. Each bar has its own specialities, and even the same pintxo can be prepared in different ways. From the Spanish tortilla to the ham croquette, from the anchovies to the shrimp brochette, all of these pieces of heaven compose a gastronomic mosaic in which […]


The Casita de Caramelo

Many visitors arrive in San Sebastian through the station at Easo, tired and needing the rest that only a good breakfast can provide. Those of you that fit this description are about to get some good news. The Casita de Caramelo is really close by! This shop-cafe is a nice local filled with nice and […]


Québec Krep’Herria

In the famous Fermín Calbetón Street there are plenty of bars for pintxos and reknown restaurants, being this the street in San Sebastian with more places to eat. And among all of these traditional businesses, a place that strikes for its singularity is the Québec Krep’Herria. Founded by Pascal, a québécois who fell in love […]


A very nice pub Etxeberria

Ah, for me, to think in Etxeberria evoques some of my fondest memories, shared with friends and family with some of he best beers I’ve tasted in my whole life. We are talking about a bar with incredible charisma, as the one of Juanjo, its captain, a pioneer when talking about expanding the beer related […]

Bar Sport Gastronomy

Bar Sport

As a “donostiarra” born, raised and grown old as a Gran Reserva de Rioja Alavesa wine in the Old Quarter of San Sebastian I have many and very varied opinions about the bars in my neighborhood. I´ve seen bars that have been open forever disappear like tears in the rain, or even worse, transform into […]

zurito más pintxo Gastronomy

What do they drink in San Sebastian? Zurito!

When you come to San Sebastian for a few days, the normal thing is that you go to eat pintxos, and the normal thing when you go to eat pintxos in Donosti is to see people drinking beer. And you’ll see that there’s people drinking beer from a big full cider glass and other people […]


Casa Valles

When I was young and tiny my grandparents used to meet my parents many Sundays in the Reyes Católicos street to bar crawl and eat some pintxos. One of the bars they liked was, and still is in my case, the Casa Valles. Founded in 1942, we are in a bar that’s an institution in […]