A very nice pub Etxeberria



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Ah, for me, to think in Etxeberria evoques some of my fondest memories, shared with friends and family with some of he best beers I’ve tasted in my whole life. We are talking about a bar with incredible charisma, as the one of Juanjo, its captain, a pioneer when talking about expanding the beer related horizon in San Sebastian and its inhabitants.

He has been working since 1983, and way before knowing what an IPA or a craft beer where, I was already drinking imported beers with exotic flavours inside the welcoming walls of “Etxeberria”. Its numerous beer pipes are complemented by the many cans and beer bottles they have, as well as wines, vermuts and various refreshments (no, they do not have coffee). And you can also find rations or hot pintxos, a common thing in San Sebastian.

(Photo: Pelayo and Pablo/ Go Local)

If you’re not sure if you are in this little peace of beer heaven, just listen. If you are greeted with a “QUE PASA, ELEGANTE” (“what’s up, fancy”) you´re in the right spot.