Québec Krep’Herria

In the famous Fermín Calbetón Street there are plenty of bars for pintxos and reknown restaurants, being this the street in San Sebastian with more places to eat. And among all of these traditional businesses, a place that strikes for its singularity is the Québec Krep’Herria.

Founded by Pascal, a québécois who fell in love with Donosti, this small but interesting place transports us to the French Canada. The walls are filled with elements that are inherent to the culture of Québec, like car plaques, hockey equipment and the traditional maple sirup, the local star!

And although the Québec Krep’Herria has a good offer consisting of Salty crepes, natural shakes, toasts, eggs and pastries of all kinds, the star of the show is the crepe with maple sirup, typical canadian dish, or the french toasts made with this sweet! As someone who has been in Canada I can tell you that having breakfast or a snack in this establishment is a little trip to that beautiful corner of the snowy north.