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Discover San Sebastian with our Electric Bike Tour

Discover the essential San Sebastian, from the most emblematic places to the most unknown neighbourhoods. Enjoy San Sebastian in a sustainable way and like a real local. Join us on a tour of the city's coastline, but also the neighbourhoods surrounding the city centre, where the people of San Sebastian live and go about their daily lives. Follow us through Antiguo, Amara or Egia, and you will see that San Sebastian is much more than the pintxos of the Old Town.

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Essential San Sebastian Tour

Is this your first time in San Sebastian and you want to get to know our culture and history in the most enjoyable way? This guided tour will help you better understand who we are and what San Sebastian is all about. A tour full of anecdotes, fun facts and recommendations from our team of local guides.


Personalised Electric Bike Tour

If our guided group tours don't suit your needs, or you prefer to do something different, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can design a tailor-made tour in San Sebastian or the surrounding area that is exactly what you are looking for.


Sam Belkin

Amazing guide, great knowledge of the area and history. Tour was fun and had all my questions answered.


sarah okoon

Highly recommend. Guide was knowledgeable on many subjects and answered questions fully. His history background was very valuable. Very personable fellow.


Stavros Vlachos

We really enjoyed our bike tour of San Sebastian! We got to see the best the city has to offer and also check out parts that are a little outside of what you’ll see as a tourist.


Kristian Eklund

We did a guided bike tour and it was absolutely amazing. Our tour guide knew everything there is to know about San Sebastián.


Gabo Domínguez

The guys at Go Local San Sebastián do a great job, they good historical knowledge and excellent advice on how to properly enjoy Basque cuisine, the ebikes are in excellent condition and it is very practical for the mountainous parts, so it doesn't matter if you haven't pedaled for years, at Go Local you won't need it, a great option.


The best tours can only be made with the best guides

Pelayo Lasa

Full name: Completely full? Pelayo Francisco Andrés Lasa Hulin. Better just Pelayo…

How long have you been in Go Local: Since 2018, almost nothing.

Level of donostiarrismo: According to my friends, 95%. All my father’s family have been from here for generations, but I was born abroad.

Iñigo Ansa

Full name: Iñigo Ansa Rodríguez

How long have you been in Go Local: Longest stable relationship (2014 foundation).

Level of donostiarrismo: Pro ñoñostiarra.

Hegoi Iparraguirre

Full name: Hegoi Iparraguirre Tapia

How long have you been in Go Local: Since we opened the office in Sarriegi square, 7 years!

Level of donostiarrismo: Not much, in the end I’m from the “nicest” town in Gipuzkoa, Lasarte. Although I have been fascinated by Donosti since childhood.

Alba Irazabalbeitia

Full name: Alba Irazabalbeitia Benito

How long have you been in Go Local: This year it’s going to be 6 years, it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long though!

Level of donostiarrismo: My family has lived here for at least 8 generations, and counting!

Alain Larraya

Full name: Alain Larraya Las Heras 

How long have you been in Go Local: Since 2014.

Level of donostiarrismo: Not much, as I’m actually from Oiartzun.