Bar Sport

Bar Sport



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As a “donostiarra” born, raised and grown old as a Gran Reserva de Rioja Alavesa wine in the Old Quarter of San Sebastian I have many and very varied opinions about the bars in my neighborhood. I´ve seen bars that have been open forever disappear like tears in the rain, or even worse, transform into modern establishments without any personality or charm. But, thankfully, despite that, there are still some places that resist, like unbreakable gauls… places like Bar Sport.

This bar, located in the busy Fermin Calbeton, is to me a true icon of how to properly do things. Good pintxos at the bar, good pintxos in the kitchen, jatorras and kind bartenders and a charm that has survived throughout the years. I can’t talk highly enough about this iconic bar, as our mouths water while thinking about their crepes, handmade foie, t-bone burgers, croquettes, omelettes or sandwiches, pintxos that will make your heart stop (blood sausage, bacon, splicy sausage) and, of course, my personal favourite, squid filled with spider crab sauce!

Bar Sport San Sebastián


Really, everything is so good. I have nothing left to say, Just go, go and enjoy it.