Things to do San Sebastian

Things to do San Sebastian

Mount Igueldo in San Sebastian

San Sebastian is surrounded by mountains, a green belt that has protected the city for centuries. Mountains that have shaped the surrounding villages and our neighbourhoods. Mountains that even reach the sea, embracing the bay of La Concha. One of these mountains is Igueldo, perhaps the best known of them all. Mount Igueldo is the […]

Things to do San Sebastian

San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian

There is more to the Old Quarter than wonderful streets to have pintxos, beautiful churches or the heart of San Sebastian’s nightlife… there is also culture, the cities past and traditions. Plenty of it is inside of the Basque Society and Citizenship Museum located in the old San Telmo Monastery. We speak about the San […]

Things to do San Sebastian

Hondalea, Cristina Iglesias Sculpture

Many visitors to San Sebastian are familiar with Eduardo Chillida’s Wind Comb, Jorge Oteiza’s Empty Construction and Néstor Basterretxea’s Dove of Peace, all of them sculptures placed by the sea that make the coast of San Sebastian an idyllic setting. These three works by Basque sculptors have recently been joined by a new installation, Hondalea […]

Festivals in the neighbourhoods of San Sebastián Culture

Festivals in the neighbourhoods of San Sebastian

In San Sebastian we have a lot of festivals and festivities throughout the year: the Tamborrada, the Zinemaldi, the day of Santo Tomás, the Semana Grande… Dates marked on the calendar, famous outside our city and that structure the life of all the people of San Sebastian. But Donosti has many more festivals, festivals that […]

Things to do San Sebastian

Monte Urgull: a unique spot in San Sebastian

In the beautiful city of San Sebastian, in the Spanish Basque Country, lies a natural and historical treasure that captivates visitors and residents alike: Monte Urgull. With its rich history, impressive panoramic views and its privileged location in the heart of the city, this mountain has become an important historical heritage and one of the […]

Kutxaespacio Things to do San Sebastian

Kutxaespacio: the Science Museum of Donostia

Donostia has incredible places to discover in addition to its coasts, history, and buildings. One of those points to discover is its scientific research and development, concentrated in the Kutxaespacio. Today we will tell you everything about it and the reasons why it is an ideal plan to do in a group or family. It […]

Jazzaldia: the San Sebastian Jazz Festival Things to do San Sebastian

Jazzaldia: the San Sebastian Jazz Festival

San Sebastian is a benchmark city in many areas, some of the best known are its history, its cultural touches and its great natural wealth such as its incredible coasts. However, there are other points in which San Sebastian is a benchmark, these being the great events of international importance. One of the best known […]

Tabakalera in San Sebastian Things to do San Sebastian

Tabakalera in San Sebastian

Tabakalera in San Sebastian is one of the most famous and visited buildings, not only by its inhabitants but by the thousands of people a year who access it to enjoy some of its services and facilities. History of Tabakalera Tabakalera was the city’s cigarrette factory for 90 years, when its production was carried out […]

La Concha beach Things to do San Sebastian

La Concha beach: the jewel of San Sebastián

The city of San Sebastián has multiple charms and points that are highlighted and known by many people, but, without a doubt, one of the most attractive is its coastal area, specifically you will have heard of La Concha beach on numerous occasions. History of La Concha beach Many people have heard of this incredible […]

Things to do San Sebastian

How to get to San Sebastian

To get to the city of San Sebastián we have several options among which we must consider issues such as time, price, location… Mainly, one of the most important points will be whether we decide to arrive in San Sebastián or the adjoining city of Bilbao. Direct arrival to San Sebastian The direct arrival to […]