The Casita de Caramelo

Many visitors arrive in San Sebastian through the station at Easo, tired and needing the rest that only a good breakfast can provide. Those of you that fit this description are about to get some good news. The Casita de Caramelo is really close by!

This shop-cafe is a nice local filled with nice and cute things (kawaii, as japanese people say), delightful not only to have a nice and soothing coffee or breakfast, but also to host birthday parties for the little ones. The cakes and sweets they offer are great for those with a sweet tooth, and their toasts are also delicious, and it is one of the few spots in the central district where you can find great coffee! They even have pintxos.


And all the cute things that you can find at the Casita de Caramelo can be bought! So if you pass by, give yourself a little treat.