Best pintxos in San Sebastian

Best pintxos in San Sebastian

The city of San Sebastian was the cradle of what is now common in Spain, tapas. Its pintxos are small dishes with incredible bites for the palate. At present, the San Sebastian pintxo route has become a great tourist attraction, so if you visit it, you cannot miss it.

The most typical pintxos in San Sebastian

Each pintxo has its unique essence and flavor, so you should try as many as you can to impress yourself on the different combinations and recipes that exist. Even so, there are some of the pintxos in San Sebastian that you must try almost out of obligation since they are the most typical and delicious pintxos.

La gilda: simple but incredible

This pintxo is not difficult to prepare, so the secret lies in the quality of the products. It is one or more green chillies accompanied by anchovies and olives.

Cod croquette: the sea always present

A return to the traditional dish made of meat that has nothing to envy. First, the cod is fried and then the dough for the croquette is made.

Potato omelette: the one that never fails

Who does not affirm that the tortilla is one of the best dishes in the world… it is because they have not tried a good one. The San Sebastian tortilla pintxos are undoubtedly one of the stars of the crown.

Prawns: rich in all its forms

As we have said before, using the products provided by the sea is one of the riches of San Sebastian’s pintxos. Shrimp is a product that you will see in most bars, presenting it with different preparations and ingredients.

Txistorra: for more meat palates

Most of them highlight the sea but we also find incredible San Sebastian pintxos made of meat, such as the incredible txistorra that will be served grilled or grilled accompanied by bread.

Cheesecake: The Most Wanted

La Viña’s cheesecake has managed to reach practically all corners of the world due to its incredible flavor and texture and although it tries to match it, the reality is that the best ones are in the pintxos of San Sebastian.

What is the best area for pintxos in San Sebastián

What is the best area for pintxos in San Sebastian

If you want to try the essence of pintxos and the most traditional and quality places, you should move to the Old Town of San Sebastian as it belongs to the historic center of the city. You will also find some more modern bars if you feel like it.

In the same way, pintxos are the culture of the city, so anywhere you go they will be spectacular.

Best Pintxos Bars in San Sebastian

Due to the history, quality of the food and experience, there are some bars that stand out among the others to try the pintxos in San Sebastian.

It is said that the pintxos were created in Bar La Espiga, whether it is true or not, it has one of the best pintxos bars in the city so you can start your route in this historic bar.

If we continue through the Old Town, you will find other very outstanding ones such as Ganbara, with an incredible potato omelette and txistorra. In Nestor you can try an incredible cod and matured meat. Another of the bars with magnificent pintxos is the Gandarias bar.

A classic among the bars with pintxos in San Sebastian is Bar Sport, many varieties at a better quality. And no less important, La Bodega Donostiarra, although they don’t only have pinxtos, they eat quite well and numerous dishes of typical Basque food.

Trying the pintxos is a mandatory task, as is visiting and getting to know the city of San Sebastian in depth. You can visit the city by bike with a guided tour to burn off some of the pintxos for lunch and work up an appetite for those for dinner. To enjoy!