La Concha beach

La Concha beach: the jewel of San Sebastián

The city of San Sebastián has multiple charms and points that are highlighted and known by many people, but, without a doubt, one of the most attractive is its coastal area, specifically you will have heard of La Concha beach on numerous occasions.

History of La Concha beach

Many people have heard of this incredible beach, but few know some of the reasons why La Concha beach has gained so much prominence in this city.

It is known that Queen Elizabeth II had the city of San Sebastián as one of her favorite destinations to spend the summer. It was precisely Queen Elizabeth II who, in 1845 following her doctor’s recommendations, began to go to the beach to soothe some of her skin problems and she chose to do it on the incredible La Concha beach .

It was not much later when visiting the beach became a more common activity among the aristocracy and high society, thus increasing the popularity of La Concha beach and making it a meeting point.

Currently, La Concha beach is among the most beautiful urban beaches in Europe.

It is also known for being the epicenter of the boat regattas in the Bandera de La Concha.

We will continue giving you reasons why you should visit La Concha beach. You won’t have a choice!

Why visit La Concha beach

La Concha beach has numerous reasons that make it special, in addition to its history that we have mentioned above. These aspects in which it stands out are:

The amazing setting

La Concha beach has fine, clear and golden sand that also extends for more than 1 kilometer, so walking along it while taking a walk will be an incredible experience.

History and services

Due to its tourist interest and history, it has made this beach adapt to different needs and, in addition to having sun loungers, umbrellas or services, it also has changing rooms with lockers where you can store clothes.

Play sports on the beach

One of the most popular sports is paddle surfing or kayaking, and La Concha beach is undoubtedly the ideal setting. Being protected by Mount Igeldo, the island of Santa Clara and Urgull, the waves are not as big as in other areas of the San Sebastian coast.

The sunset

La Concha beach is located in an area where the sun goes down at night, so you can enjoy incredible sunsets with the sound of the waves in the background.

Thalassotherapy La Perla

Last but perhaps most important, it is one of the best spas of the time in Europe. La Perla was built for the enjoyment of the aristocracy, but over the years it has become a key point for tourism.


What to visit around La Concha beach

La Concha beach is located in an environment rich not only in nature, but also in buildings and culture that will surprise you.

You can start by visiting the Real Club Náutico building. This incredible San Sebastian architectural work simulates a ship docked at the dock, so you should definitely go see it.

You can see the Donostia town hall even from the beach itself, but it is worth going to see it. Its appearance is reminiscent of the buildings on the French blue coast.

The Miramar Palace is close to La Concha beach and is another of the jewels of the city of San Sebastián, you can walk through its incredible gardens and enjoy the views of the beach.

To discover all its surroundings and other areas of San Sebastián that will make you not want to leave the city, the best option is to take a Free Walking Tour with local guides who have spent years visiting this charming city every day where you will find the so famous beach of La Concha.