Castillo de La Mota in San Sebastian: symbol of resistance

San Sebastian is a city with a long history and, furthermore, with innumerable places of natural beauty. Castillo de La Mota in San Sebastian is one of its many treasures, a historic place that has been attracting visitors for many years.

We will tell the fascinating story of La Mota Castle, highlighting its famous Rosita Wicke canyon and its impressive viewpoint with views of the city. Get ready to plunge into the past and discover the charms of this iconic place.

History of La Mota Castle

Castillo de La Mota in San Sebastian was built as a defensive fortress in the 12th century. The castle became an important strategic point during many centuries of battles and conflicts in the region. It has witnessed many historical events and has changed hands several times.

The castle has been renovated and rebuilt over the years, but its medieval essence has remained. The region’s troubled past is reflected in the imposing walls, defensive towers and secret passageways.

Today, La Mota Castle has become a major tourist site, allowing visitors to explore its rich history and enjoy its stunning views.

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The Rosita Wicke canyon, an essential part of Castillo de La Mota

La Mota Castle has the well-known Rosita Wicke Canyon as one of its most outstanding attractions. This great canyon is in a privileged position, looking towards the horizon.

The Rosita Canyon demonstrates the strategic relevance of the castle during the war. You can admire its imposing size and, from its position, you can also enjoy a breathtaking view that ranges from the sea to the nearby mountains.

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The Castillo de La Mota viewpoint and its captivating views

To get there you can choose four different routes, once there you can find several monuments such as the previously named Rosita canyon, the Sacred Heart, a museum and the viewpoint itself.

The sculpture of the Sacred Heart presides over the front of the walls, at its feet the entire city and facing the sea. One of the most significant emblems of the city.

The fortification museum called the Casa de la Historia de Urgull shows the history of the city. Various scenes captured both in photographic material and different types of elements from each era.

We also find the part of the museum of the transformation of Castillo de la Mota in San Sebastian in Mirando a San Sebastián.

In Castillo de La Mota there is a viewpoint with beautiful views of San Sebastian and its surroundings. Visitors can marvel at the majesty of the landscape and capture stunning photos from this vantage point.

The Castillo La Mota viewpoint and its captivating views


The views from the lookout are incredible. The historic charm of the city, with its old buildings, narrow streets and picturesque squares, can be appreciated. The viewpoint also offers a panoramic view of the Cantabrian Sea, with its blue waters and the horizon that stretches as far as you can see.

It is important to visit the historical treasure of Castillo de La Mota in San Sebastian. This place has a lot to offer visitors, from its rich history to the famous Rosita Canyon and the impressive viewpoint. Admire the power of the Rosita Canyon as you walk along the castle walls, immerse yourself in the past and marvel at the views from the lookout.

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