Discovering the beauty of the Old Town of San Sebastian


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The Old Town of San Sebastián is a historical treasure on the northern coast of Spain, piquing the curiosity of those seeking to immerse themselves in the city’s rich heritage.

In this article, we will explore the charms that make this place or destination unique and special. From the emblematic Plaza de la Constitución to the serene Monte Urgull, passing by the San Telmo Museum, the Town Hall and Alderdi Eder, until reaching the majestic Church of Santa María, each corner tells a story that captures the essence of San Sebastián.

Plaza de la Constitución: witness of time

The Plaza de la Constitución stands as the beating heart of the Old Town. Surrounded by ancient buildings that tell their own history, the square has witnessed events that have shaped the identity of San Sebastián over the years. With its outdoor cafes and vibrant atmosphere, it is the ideal place to begin our journey through this fascinating historical corner.

See the Plaza de la Constitución

Monte Urgull: Panoramic view that steals your breath

For an experience that elevates the visit to the Old Town, Mount Urgull is positioned as the perfect viewpoint. From its summit, the panoramic view encompasses the abbey and the city, offering a unique perspective. Beyond its natural beauty, the mountain is home to historic fortifications and trails that take us through lush nature. To explore Mount Urgull is to immerse yourself in the history and serenity that characterize San Sebastián.

Get to know Mount Urgull

San Telmo Museum: A journey through time

The San Telmo museum is a cultural gem that transports visitors through the centuries of San Sebastián’s history. Located in a former convent, its rooms house a rich collection of art and historical objects. Interacting exhibitions and cultural events make this museum an essential stop for those seeking to understand the evolution of the city.

See the San Telmo Museum

Town Hall and Alderdi Eder

In the heart of San Sebastián’s Old Town, the Town Hall and the Alderdi Eder gardens stand out as exceptional examples of architectural splendor. The majesty of the Town Hall reflects the political history of San Sebastián, while Alderdi Eder, a beautiful garden facing the sea, offers a haven of peace in the midst of the urban bustle. These emblematic sites are living witnesses of the architectural greatness that defines the city.

Learn more about the town hall

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St. Mary’s Church

The Church of Santa María is presented as an architectural and spiritual jewel in the Old Town. With its imposing Gothic architecture and artistic details, the church creates an atmosphere of serenity and reflection. Light-filtering stained glass windows add a unique touch to this sacred place. St. Mary’s Church is a special stop for those looking for an experience that combines history, art and spirituality.

In conclusion, the Old Town of San Sebastián offers a unique experience where history and culture are intertwined in every corner. From the emblematic Plaza de la Constitución to Monte Urgull with its panoramic views, each site tells a unique story of the city.

The St. Elmo Museum and the majesty of the Town Hall and Alderdi Eder add layers of depth to this experience, while the Church of St. Mary is a religious gem that should not be overlooked.

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