Jazzaldia: the San Sebastian Jazz Festival

Jazzaldia: the San Sebastian Jazz Festival

San Sebastian is a benchmark city in many areas, some of the best known are its history, its cultural touches and its great natural wealth such as its incredible coasts. However, there are other points in which San Sebastian is a benchmark, these being the great events of international importance.

One of the best known is the Film Festival, but today we will talk about another with a musical touch, the San Sebastian Jazz Festival or also known as Jazzaldia.

History of the Jazzaldi

The history of the Jazzaldi dates back to September 10, 1966. For this reason, it is the oldest jazz festival in Spain and one of the oldest on the European continent.

It all started when the head of the Music Commision of the CAT (Attraction and Tourism Centre), Imanol Olaizola, attended a jazz concert on a trip to Paris and observed the great atmosphere and experience that was created, so he immediately thought that this should be present in the city of San Sebastian.

On his return, he presented it to the president of CAT, accepting the idea and starting the Jazzaldia project, however there was opposition so it could not be started until 1966.

We must remember that at that time we lived in the Franco regime, so there was more censorship regarding content from outside Spanish territory. In addition, there was the Cold War, so this festival marked a before and after in the era to experience moments of freedom, turning Jazzaldia into a benchmark in the city of San Sebastian.

Location of the Jazzaldi

From the beginning, the Jazzaldia proposed itself in a unique enclave, located in the Plaza de la Trinidad, since this was a unique location that brought fans closer to the true feeling of music, and an ideal environment to enjoy it.

Little by little, the size and prestige of Jazzaldia increased, so they had to propose other locations throughout the city of San Sebastian in order to bring all the concerts.

For this reason, Jazzaldia currently has more than 15 locations throughout the city of San Sebastian.

Ubicación de Jazzaldia San Sebastian

Fuente: https://jazzaldia.eus/

Jazzaldia date

The Jazzaldi or San Sebastian Jazz Festival takes place in summer, so in 2023 the dates are from July 21 to 25.

Jazzaldia Scenarios

As we have mentioned before, there are more than 15 stages throughout the city where you can enjoy different musical groups or soloists.

However, the best locations continue to be Plaza de la Trinidad since it is a space between the Basilica Santa María and the Museo San Telmo. On the other hand, due to its views and acoustics, another of the best settings is the Kursaal Convention Centre.

You can check all the stages, as well as the performances and ticket purchases on their page.

Jazzeñe: space for Spaniards in Jazzaldia

In the Jazzaldi there is not only room for internationally known artists and groups, but also, in collaboration with the SGAE Foundation, visibility is given to jazz groups from Spain, so that they have international outlets.

Many of them, after their presence at Jazzaldia, have found a place in some of the most important jazz festivals in the world.

If you visit the city of San Sebastian during Jazzaldia, you will see the great atmosphere it has, discovering music on every corner. Also, you cannot leave without discovering the rest of the secrets of this incredible city on our tours with local guides.