Festivals in the neighbourhoods of San Sebastian

Festivals in the neighbourhoods of San Sebastián


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In San Sebastian we have a lot of festivals and festivities throughout the year: the Tamborrada, the Zinemaldi, the day of Santo Tomás, the Semana Grande… Dates marked on the calendar, famous outside our city and that structure the life of all the people of San Sebastian. But Donosti has many more festivals, festivals that are unknown outside our borders and that have a strong popular character, as they are organised by the locals themselves. We are referring, of course, to the neighbourhood festivals.

These mainly take place in the summer (except in August, which is Semana Grande), when the weather is fine and you feel like being out on the streets. Each neighbourhood and sub-neighbourhood in the city has its own and they often overlap, making it difficult to choose where to go. And although each one has its own unique character that makes it special, there are always elements in common, such as popular meals, concerts and open-air bars, children’s activities and sporting and culinary competitions. And the distinctive scarf around your neck, of course, is a symbol of being part of the celebration, a must if you want to feel like one of us.

If you are in Donosti during one of these festivities, we strongly recommend you to go, so you will not only get to know different neighbourhoods of the city (something we already do during the bike tours), but you will also see a more authentic, more local and much more Basque atmosphere, where you will hear more Basque, listen to our music, enjoy our dances and traditions, and you will leave with a great taste in your mouth and an unforgettable memory.

Game of the kukaña during the Port’s festivities. Photo by Euskal Kazeta.

So that you know the approximate dates of each of these holidays (they do not always fall on the same days, but around the same date), we have included a list below with the dates for 2023, so that you can make plans for your future visit!


Festivals of San Sebastian of El Antiguo (SanSebastianak): 12-29 January

Festivals of Santo Ángel de la Guarda of Ibaeta: 1-5 March

Festivals of Bidebieta (Txanpontxo jaiak): 11-15 May

Festivals of Morlans: 19-21 May

Festivals of Larratxo: 8-12 June

Festivals of Buenavista: 9-11 June

Festivals of Herrera: 9-23 June

Festivals of San Juan of El Antiguo (SanJuanak): 9-30 June

Festivals of Amara Berri: 16-23 June

Festivals of San Juan of Oleta: 22-25 June

Festivals of San Juan of Intxaurrondo Norte: 23 June

Festivals of San Pedro of Igeldo: June 23-July 2

Festivals of San Marcial of Alza: 23 June-2 July

Festivals of Intxaurrondo (Intxaur jaiak): 30 June-2 July

Festivals of the Virgen del Carmen of Añorga: 8-16 July

Festivals of the Virgen del Carmen of el Puerto: 12-18 July

Festival of Gros (Zipotz jaiak): 13-16 July

Festivities of the Virgen del Carmen of Amara Berri: 14-16 July

Festivals of Zubieta: 21-31 July

Festivals of Amara: 27-31 July

Festivals of San Ignacio of Loyola: 28-31 July

Festivals of Añorga-Txiki: 1-2 September

Festivals of Intxaurrondo Viejo: 7-10 September

Festivals of Txomin Enea: 8-10 September

Festivals of Aiete: 8-23 September

Festivals of Egia (Porrontxo jaiak): 11-17 September

Festivals of Jolastokieta: 13-17 September

Festivals of San Festo of Riberas de Loyola: 15-17 September

Festivals of Martutene (Martu Jaiak): 11-15 October

Festivals of Superxagu of Amara Berri: 12-15 October