Winter plans in San Sebastian

Winter is here and with it the bad weather. We the donostiarras are used to live with it, it’s part or our day to day, however, we understand that people passing through don’t necessarily share our resistance. Here you have a series of micro plans for all the irreductible travellers to whom few drops of rain won’t prevent from enjoying San Sebastian!

1st Plan

Many of the city monuments are united to the sea and are particularly beautiful when the Cantabric is rough. The Dove of Peace offers a spectacular view of the sea, the Urumea breakwater and the Mount Urgull resisting under the rain the poundings that turn into white foam. In the same way the Wind Comb becomes a very special place when the iron and the stone mix with the waves, while air streams emerge from the ground.
Watching the waves under the rain is something as donostiarra as eating pintxos or going to Anoeta! We already shared with you some of the best places to enjoy this activity with safety, but what we didn’t tell you is that all of it is peaked with a warm coffee or a good hot chocolate. I really like the ones in the Chocolatería El Puerto, which is very close to our next micro plan!

2nd Plan

Tired of getting wet? Do you want to get away for a little bit? Go to the Aquarium of San Sebastian, where you will be totally safe from the rain for a while. When I was a kid and the gale surprised us when walking through Urgull or the Paseo Nuevo, it was the refuge my parents would choose.

And to finish…

3rd Plan

Do you feel brave? People swim in La Concha everyday of the year, with disregard of the rain, the thunders or the snow. Maybe it’s the time to test your mettle taking a quick but intense dip in the warm waters of La Concha Bay. Take advantage of the collective shower cubicles to get hot again with a hot shower and change clothes without the need of holding a towel under the rain.

As you can see, Donosti can be enjoyed also when the weather is unpleasant.

Author: Pablo Ganter Go Local San Sebastian

Cover Picture: San Sebastian Turismoa

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