Peine del Viento (Wind Comb)

Chillida’s Peine del viento (The wind Comb)

Few places are as emblematic in San Sebastian as the Wind Comb, located in the rocks at the end of the small entrance on the westside of La Concha Bay and that since 1977  stands tall against the power of the Cantabric sea. The most famous piece of art made by Eduardo Chillida is something to be visited as many times as possible.

Between science fiction and poetry, the Wind Comb invites us to contemplate the horizon, touch the stone, feel the roughness of rusted metal and hear the roar of the wind through the intricate pattern of the sculpture. Because this piece of art was not made to be exposed in a museum, but under the open sky and in front of the sea…

Discover the show of the waves of the Peine del Viento Wind Comb

The waves break strongly on the sculpture, which with this fact they themselves comb their hair with this phenomenon. This visual and acoustic representation is a work that challenges the solidity of the steel of the sculptures that withstand the pulse of the strong to the onslaught of the sea in this area.

It is an area that on days of strong waves, the authorities cut off the pass to guarantee the safety of passers-by. If you visit San Sebastián on one of these days, we recommend you see this beautiful show from Mount Urgull.

To know its history we must go back to Chillida’s childhood, where he would leave class to become abstracted with the movement of the sea. Here the same author wondered about the origin of the tides that reached this area.

Where is the Peine del Viento located?

This set of contemporary sculptures is located in front of the sea, next to Ondarreta beach.

He chose this place for his sculptures, preferring a more intimate and human place to transmit his ideas. Located on one side of the Bay of La Concha, on the other is the new promenade of the city, contrasting with its more natural and peaceful landscape.

A place that delimits the beginning and end of San Sebastián, it is one of the favorite places for the inhabitants of the city and very frequented for its romantic and sensitive character.

This is an always changing location, shifting as the Cantabric gets wild or calms down, the sunlight fades or the sky changes its colour. Here is where the magic lays, in the uniqueness of each day, like during one of our ebike tour.