Does the rain affect our tours?

It has been few weeks now that the season of storms, strong winds and abundant rain has begun in the Basque Country. A time period hated by some, loved by others (me included), when the sky turns grey, blue, black and white, when the Cantabric sea becomes rough and rises wall like waves that crash against the city’s breakwaters. It is also the time when those who sing up for our tours ask yourselves the big question: is there going to be tour with this weather?

The answer? Of course! We donostiarras are used to this weather, if we stayed home everytime it rains and there is gusts of wind we would never go out. We are not letting some water prevent us from enjoying with our friends.

If you are coming to Donosti I recommend you to bring with you both warm clothing and light, here it is not weird to have pouring rain one day and high temperatures the next one; comfortable shoes suitable for sliding surfaces and puddles… And specially: a good umbrella. A real one, big and resistant. Lot of you come with those folding umbrellas that die after a sudden gust of wind. Invest some money in a sturdy one that will ensure an extended protection against rain.


So you know, come rain or shine Go Local’s tours will always leave!