Haizea Bar



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We´ve said it once, we´ve said it a hundred times: in the Old Quarter there is gastronomy outside of Fermín Calbetón or 31st of August Street. Regarding that, Aldamar Street, in the district´s border, flexes its muscles thanks to a few but awesome bars that have nothing to envy to those located in other more crowded areas in town. And one of those bars, where I have been many times in my life, is the “Haizea”.

“Haizea” is a traditional bar, opened in 1982, with a kitchen that must be something like a lab, as from its inside come marvellous pintxos that you can hardly believe are from this world. Do you think I am overreacting? Try the “Libia”, the “cod brick”, the “txangurro” pudding or the grilled goat cheese with apple purée… and then talk back to me.

If I have to say something bad about the place… there are not a lot of tables. So, if it is crowded, you will have to stay next to that bar filled with fantastic pintxos, or get out to that corner of Aldamar Street that is so charming. Big issue… One last thing, sometimes the wind coming from the Cantabric sea, rolls through the street, but what do you expect with that name?

Prices: the “Libia” costs 2´60 €