Basque Words: Jatorra

Even if jatorra means in basque nice or kind, in our daily life, people from the Basque Country we use it to refer to someone authentic. That kind of person that always has a smile on their face, a kind word and is willing to give you a hand without asking anything in exchange. Always from the heart.

I personally use it a lot…even on the tour! a dog comes to you asking for petting with its tongue out and its tail moving happily? A jatorra little dog. In a bar you’re well treated, the pintxos are good and it’s not expensive? That’s a jatorra bar! Is it sunny today, the sun doesn’t burn but warm you up? What a jatorra day!

When you go back home take with you as a souvenir words as pintxo and zurito but also jatorra, which is a wonderful word that fills your mouth and is very nice to say!