Baga Biga Faktoria

The beer world is better than ever. A huge range of microbreweries have been planted before the large industrial producers belonging to multinationals, offering fans of this refreshing drink alternatives with which to

( Photo: Beer elaboration / Baga Biga Faktoria )

satisfy their palate. In Donosti there are few bars that have signed up for the wave of craft beers, and without a doubt the Baga Biga Faktoria is one of the most outstanding.

Located in a privileged enclave, on the east bank of the Urumea river in front of Hotel Maria Cristina, this charming bar could well fit in a large European capital. And not only in form, but also in content. It has almost 20 taps, with a good variety of styles and flavours, from IPA to Imperial Stout through a wide range of fruity, GOSE or high quality ales. Some are even made in the establishment itself. And not only that, there are little things to eat, from pintxos to portions..

The Go Local team loves to go to Baga Biga after the tours, to sit on the terrace of the bar, or occupy some of the benches that are next to the Urumea railings. Beer of good quality at its correct temperature, a beautiful enclave and company of friends. Few things are better.