By bike along the Urumea river

(Photo: Euskonews Traditional washerwomen in Urumea river)

On the Urumea River there is much more than bridges. For centuries it has been an economic and vital artery of the region. The washerwomen of the Urumea, the mines, factories, cider houses and ironworks that once brought such prosperity to the region are part of the folklore of San Sebastian. Imagine, in its day it had 13 river ports through the dozens of barges circulating, it was a freeway!

Parallel to the Urumea runs a bike path, which we here call bidegorri (red road), which allows you to explore the urban enclaves that are on its edges, the remains of the past and also enjoy a nature of surprising beauty. It is also a fantastic opportunity to visit Astigarraga, the heart of the cider tradition of the region. Do not forget to visit Sagardoetxea, the Basque Cider Museum.

In conclusion:  an 8 kilometre walk in which you discover the past of the territory, its nature, culture and gastronomy. What are you waiting for to join the Sagarbike?