What to see and do in Zarautz

What to see and do in Zarautz

The Basque Country has points that you must visit at least once in your life, as they will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the northern part of the peninsula. Undoubtedly, one of those points is the incredible town of Zarautz, located on the coast of the province of Guipuzcoa.

The town is the fusion between different aspects that everyone wants to find between the beach, nature and gastronomy. Therefore, today we are going to discover some of the charms of Zarautz so that you decide to visit this beautiful destination.

The Zarautz coast: the jewel in the crown

Zarautz has one of the longest beaches on the Gipuzkoan coast as it is 2.5 kilometers long. In addition to allowing you to relax surrounded by nature, sunbathe and take a bath in its crystal clear waters, it is a point that is highly visited by many surfers.

Another beach best known by surfers is Playa de la Zurriola in San Sebastian.

This beaches are therefore a meeting point every year for hundreds of surfers from all over the world.

Nature in Zarautz: Mount Talaimendi, another icon

In the case of Zarautz, in addition to having an incredible coastline, it also stands out for its virgin nature and history in every corner. If you like nature and enjoy the views that it offers you, you should definitely visit Mount Talaimendi .

This place is located on the outskirts, so you will have to hire a transportation service, be it a car, bus or taxi. Although the best alternative to the trip would be a complete trip to Zarautz with Go Local San Sebastián.

As we have mentioned, in Zarautz history is also present and that is that at the top of Mount Talaimendi you will find an old military fort from the 19th century known as the Fort of Santa Barbara.

La costa de Zarautz y Monte Talaimendi

Fuente: https://www.turismozarautz.eus/es/-/talaimen-1

The old town of Zarautz and its buildings

After enjoying its beaches and nature, you should visit the old town of Zarautz as it will not leave you indifferent. It is a neighborhood with cobbled and narrow streets that have incredible buildings such as the Basilica of Santa María la Real or the Palacio de Narros.

In addition, you can stop and visit small local shops where you can enjoy and buy quality and handmade products.

Zarautz gastronomy: where and what to eat?

One of the main reasons for visiting, not only in this area, but in the Basque Country in general, is its gastronomy, therefore, we are going to inquire about where and what to eat here.

The town near to Getaria is known for its incredible pintxos and specialties such as stuffed crab, pil-pil cod or Basque veal.

There are many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy your food accompanied by the local Txakoli wine, therefore, if you have time, we recommend you try different picturesque places that you find around the town.

In addition, to close with something sweet you can try the typical Zarautz dessert called Zarauzko txokolatea , which is a delicious chocolate cake that is a symbol of the town.

What else to do in Zarautz

In addition to everything mentioned above, if you want to have fun and enjoy those hours when the above is out of place, you should know that Zarautz also has a good nightlife.

In the old town and its surroundings you can find different bars and clubs that have live music of different genres to make you feel as comfortable as possible. You will surely find your ideal place!

As we have seen, Zarautz is undoubtedly a destination that you must visit and that, if it was already in your plans, you will discover better thanks to our help. Also, do not hesitate to go to the capital of the province, the beautiful city of San Sebastián.

If you decide to enjoy them, do not hesitate to contact us for a Free Walking Tour. We will be happy to teach you the incredible history of San Sebastián!