Panoramica de Tolosa


Although the Basque shore normally attracts all the attention, with Donosti in the middle and little villages like Hondarribia or Getaria in the surroundings, we need to talk about the interior of the region. This is a land of mounts, forests, big rivers and tons of tradition. The city of Tolosa is the best starting point.

Built in a crossroads between France, Castille, Aragon and Navarre, the city has had a trouble history, but unlike Donostia (which was burnt in 1813 by the Allies) it still has buildings of the XVI, XVII and XVIII century.

As a donostiarra, I can’t help but feel jealous when I hang out in Tolosa and I look at the renaissance Atodo Palace or the riverine Idiaquez Palace. And trust me when I tell you that visiting Tolosa is worth it not only because of the buildings!

The city is famous in the whole region because of the carnival (very loved by the local population, who kept them alive during Franco’s dictatorship) and the quality of its food. Tolosa’s beans are an institution in Gipuzkoa, and this location has some incredible restaurants. Even more, the traditional rotisserie Casa Julián is known as the T-bone steak Temple!

In plain words. A city filled with history, traditions and great food surrounded by green mounts only 30 kilometres away from San Sebastian, what excuse do you have?