getaria guipuzkoa


25 km towards the West from Donosti you can find my favourite village in the basque shore, Getaria. It is a fishermen village filled with history, great food and beauty, thanks to its location in a place that brings together the sea, the mountain and the fields. The perfect place to enjoy a great morning or afternoon.


Getaria: the birthplace of txakoli

Getaria is the birthplace of a very particular wine, the “txakoli”, and of some of the most notable basque sailors, like the first person that went around the globe: Elcano.

The seamen’s lifestyle impregnates every aspect of the village, specially its gastronomy.  If you want to taste fresh fish Getaria is the place, as its population is famous not only because of the quality of their catches… but because of the coal grillades where they are prepared.

But there are more things than food! Getaria also has two fantastic beaches, a very particular gothic church and a giant mouse. Do not worry, San Anton´s Mount is known as “Getaria´s Mouse” as it looks like one of this cute rodents laying in the sea.

Ah, very important. Do not mistake it with Guéthary in France, as it is in the opposite direction, also a very nice village!