The University of Oñate

Did you know that the oldest university, and for a long time the only university, in the Basque Country is in Gipuzkoa? That’s right, The University of Oñate was founded in the year 1540 as the University of Oñate thanks to a papal bull by Paul III and worked until 1901. Back in the day it was famous for teaching excellent classes of Law, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology and Liberal Arts, but nowadays the building accommodates the International Institute of Legal Sociology.

The University of Oñate in considered the gem of the Renaissance in Gipuzkoa, both in shape and contents because of its foundational spirit. Walking around or through the enclosure takes us to the past, with its medallions with mythological scenes decorating the cloisters, or the Mudejar coffered ceiling. This style is not very common in Gipuzkoa, which makes it even more special.

Close to Oñati is the Arantzazu Sanctuary. And if you don’t mind my opinion, if you go to one of these places it’s compulsory to visit the other.