See the waves



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Every year, from the beginning of the fall onwards, San Sebastian appears in the news due to the incredible sights of colossal waves crashing against the wave breakers and walls of the city. If you are in San Sebastian during the time of the year that has strong waves, we want you to see that reality is way more impressive than TV!

Our own wave-watching specialist, Alba, has given us some recommendations on the best spots to enjoy this passtime without the risk of being showered by a pretty cold 7 metres cantabric wave. The first one, the star point, is Mount Urgull. More accurately, the low canon battery of Santa Clara, a perfect spot to be right in front of it. The second one is the platform behind the Kursaal building, in the north of the convention centre. It keeps its distance with the sea, but you can see how the waves go up the entrance of the Urumea river to crush at the bridge, and how they also break… in the wave breaker.

When you go and watch the waves, take a good camera, a raincoat, appropriate footwear and patience, as the waves come when they feel like it. Don’t take an umbrella, with the strong winds it won’t resist. Always respect the instructions given by the local police and do not get close to the areas that are more exposed. Remember, safety first!