The mystery of Mount Urgull

A few days ago we were contacted through our social media to let us know about a little mystery, two medieval little figures in some holes in the old fortress at Mount Urgull. Our Instagram informant also asked us if we knew what they were doing there. Let’s solve the mystery of Mount Urgull.

Dos esculturas

And, of course, as soon as our informant contacted us the Go Local Super Team started working to solve the mystery. First thing, we must clarify that those little statues or figures are not there normally, so they must have been left over there by some citizen for reasons we don’t know.

Mystery solved

But what are those figures? Digging a little bit our detective Maialen has discovered that they are two book-ends from the 60’s-70’s that represent the Catholic King and Queen. These were a promotional gift from the Readers Club and nowadays are a vintage product.

Who has left this royal couple in this hole at Mount Urgull? With what end? How long will they stay there? Probably, we will never know.

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