Reyes Católicos street

During our tours we normally see from a distance the neo gothic tower of The Good Shepherd’s cathedral, and many times people ask us if it is worth visiting that area in town. And the answer is, of course! It is the central district of San Sebastian, an area filled with french-inspired buildings, shops and, bare I say, fantastic gastronomy

And, speaking of the Good Shepherd´s Cathedral, I think it is mandatory to speak about the street located south of it. it is a pedestrian street filled with bars called Catholic kings (although due to the huge amount of bars and restaurants it has its own playful nickname, let’s see if you write it down in the comments section). we are talking about one of the streets for good eating and drinking in town, with traditional establishments that have been open forever, some more modern ones and even some from other areas of the world.

Going through the Central district in a relaxed manner, taking pics and enjoying the local commerces can be exhausting. This street is a perfect spot to make a little pit stop. Trust me!