Did you know that the Japanese Imperial Navy visited San Sebastian?

On August the 5th of 1907 two Japanese armored ships, the modern Tsukuba and the Chitose, docked at La Concha. These huge ships were some of the most modern ones in the Japanese Imperial Fleet, and, according to the writings of those years, the Japanese sailors even offered visits to the locals that came close, just like a free tour!



Source: Euskal-Erria. Revista Bascongada. Tomo LVII. Segundo semestre de 1907. Págs. 143-145.

The fate of the two ships

Both ships, which had served in the war between Russia and Japan, were travelling towards the US to take part in an exposition at Jamestown.In their trip they circumnavigate the world, and, although they took part in World War I, they were taken out from duty in the 20’s after the Navy considered them obsolete.

They ended up at the bottom of the sea.