La Bretxa traditional market

The “local taste” can’t be understood without the “local products”. The pintxos, the rations or the dishes that our Michelin Star restaurants relay on the food and the seasonings of the local producers. In San Sebastian we love to go to the markets to fill our baskets, for our day to day life or to have lunch at a gastronomic society, and I am going to share with you what I think is the best spot to explore: La Bretxa market.

Back in the day, there wasn’t a MacDonalds in La Bretxa, but spots assigned to the “baserritarras” (the farmers) for trading. In the building next to it, the “Pescadería”, the fishmongers worked with the sea´s products. Since 2000 they have been in San Juan Street, and, for a few months already, they are now located in the square.

In that square everyday except on Sundays and festivities you can find the baserritarras in some white tents, where, in 14 stands, they present to you the local products. This is as close as it gets in San Sebastian to visit a market like the ones of the old days, as we’ve done for centuries. You can find a little bit of everything: flowers, cheese, legumes, fruit, vegetables… all from the Basque Country. 

Luxurious stuff.