Intza restaurant

Bar Intza  Esterlines Street – 

We have a special affection for this restaurant in the heart of the Old Town, we, the Go Local Kuadrilla, usually go there to eat whenever we can, because inside we feel at home!

This is a traditional and well-known restaurant that began its journey on the eve of San Sebastian day in 1933, founded by Paulina Garmendia. In the Intza, which means dew in Euskera, the first thing you will see when entering is an old covered patio, where the dining room is today. Stop there, and you won’t have to wait long to be cared of by some of Koldo’s team members. Then you just have to sit and enjoy with their sandwiches, mixed dishes or delicious desserts. Its “ropa vieja” (boiled meat with tomato) is pretty famous, but in reality everything is super good.

(Photo: the “kuadrilla” that works at the kitchen and feeds us almost daily)

The walls of the place convey history, and make you see that you are in a place of a lifetime, with a lot of personality, very “jatorra”. One of those little pieces of Donosti that always resists disappearing, which we hope it stays with us much longer.

Summarizing. We like the Intza. We like their food. We like their local. We like their team.

Recommended by: Iñigo

Distance from Go Local: 2 minutes walking

Price: “Ropa vieja” pintxo 2€