The Ambigú Estación is a small bar in Aldamar street, very nice and discreet that for the distracted walker may go unnoticed. Which would be a shame, because this establishment is welcoming unlike many others, and has a reserved offer made with love and care that makes it stand out among the immense gastronomic offer in the Old Town.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have breakfast (there are few places in Donosti where you can eat eggs benedict!) or dinner, the offer is made with seasonal products cooked by a young and very dynamic team. My absolute favourites of the Ambigú are the fried green beans with sweet potato, the arepas and the burrata with tomato sauce. And not only the food is tasty, the presentation is beautiful!

So you know, kuadrilla, go to Aldamar street and enjoy the Ambigú. You will discover that in the Old town there is gastronomic life outside Fermín Calbetón and 31st of August streets.

( Photo: TripAdvisor / Lovely restaurant Ambigú )

Recommended by: Pablo

Distance from Go Local: 3 minutes


Price: arepa with chicken 7€