Dress appropriately for the San Sebastian rain

We’ve said this plenty of times, and we will never get tired of repeating it, we have a lot of rain in San Sebastian. It rains often. It rains a lot. Donostia is the city in spain with more rain days per year. And that requires a certain discipline when choosing your clothes to avoid getting ill.

First of all, footwear. Weak spot for many locals and fundamental base for the correct development of any adventure in our lands. I use boots with rubber soles filled with a nice lining to keep my feet warm, with a rugged pattern in the sole that are perfect to avoid slippings. Other guides prefer the always reliable katiuskas to be able to step on puddles unafraid. With this waterproof boots and a good spirit you’ll be unstoppable while exploring San Sebastian. But remember, wear some long socks, not the short ones that roll down your boot, that is a pain.

About clothing, it is a good idea to use a raincoat or a hard jacket if there is no other option, although you have to remember something. Although it often rains, it does not rain forever, here we have a shifting weather and we can have in a short period of time both huge amounts of rain or enjoy the sun. So, while dressing up remember to layer, so we can adapt as it evolves.

However, do not let rain discourage you! Donosti is very pretty under the rain.