The cannon Rosita

“My name is Rosita Wicke. I bring death and groam. Juan Vastenove made me. This is true. Year 1502”. This is written in gothic letters in the huge bombard that watches over Donosti from the top of Mount Urgull. The oldest cannon conserved in the city, this speaks volumes about the military past of the city. Huge and powerful, “Rosita” belongs to the first generation of european guns. 

(Photo: Castle the la Mota and the Sagrado corazon / San Sebastian turismo)



Urgull nowadays is a quiet and relaxed place, but we cannot forget that not that long time ago this one was one of the most powerful fortresses in Europe. Donosti was the northern version of Gibraltar, called “The Rock” by the british army. Whoever threatened the city was taken down by the cannons that nowadays are spreaded throughout the park or in the harbour below it, where the guns nowadays collect rust and are used to dock the boats.



Those travellers that want to explore the mount, maybe with our War Tour, should spend a few moments admiring the cannons, commanded by Rosita Wicke from its special position. Today, they don´t bring death or groam, but admiration.