Zurriola’s bridge

Zurriola's bridge Kuursal



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Previously Pablo told you about how his favourite bridge in the city is the one called Maria Cristina, bridge that without a doubt stands out because of its colours and figures, and because it is the most flamboyant of all. But for me (Alba), the nicest of the bridges in Donosti is the bridge of La Zurriola, or the bridge of the Kursaal.

A bridge facing the sea

Bridge opened in 1915 to connect the Boulevard with the Gros quarter, it had to be modified just three years later because of the pounding of the waves.

This bridge is the one that suffers most the swell of the Cantabric sea, and it is meeting point for donostiarras to go see the waves.


Made in Art Nouveau style, it was designed by José Eugenio Ribera, the same engineer that designed the Maria Cristina bridge. The lampposts, however, are a work of the also engineer Víctor Arana.

It has been restored countless times, being the last big work in 1993, when all the structure was repaired, and four sphinxes were added in both ends that fortunately were removed, because saying the truth, they were not very nice.

And it is my favourite bridge but I can’t explain why. Is it because is of modernist style and modernism is one of my favourite art styles? Is it its clean forms? Or maybe that it has the bare minimum decoration? I don’t know. What I know is that I love crossing it everyday to go to work and when coming back home, that it has the best views to the ocean, and that I love watching the waves crashing against its lampposts, creating unforgettable images.