What to see in Zumaia


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If you are going to visit Guipúzcoa soon, we bring you a destination that you must visit if you are a nature lover, make a getaway to Zumaia.

As experts in excursions throughout the province, this time we are going to talk about what to see in Zumaia . With our tours, we show you each and every one of its most special corners, knowing everything about them.

Zumaia, international cinema municipality

Zumaia, a town in Guipúzcoa, has wonderful stretches of coastline that you will love to visit again and again. Also, the strange rock formations, known as the flysch , will take you back to 60 million years ago, when the Earth underwent different mutations.

The town of Zumaia is also known for its cinematographic side, because scenes from the film Eight Basque surnames were recorded there, where a ceremony is held, and one of the beaches appears in one of the seasons of the Game of Thrones series.

Zumaia is located in a bay, where the green of its mountains together with the blue of the sea create a perfect landscape. Two rivers run through this bay, the Urola and Narrondo.

Also, if you want to know more about this town, we can visit the church of San Pedro with an austere style, which will take us to the Middle Ages. Inside, we will find one of the most impressive Gothic spaces in the Basque Country.

There is also the famous convent of San José and more monuments that catch the eyes of visitors.

Zumaia's Flysch

The hermitage of San Telmo, Zumaia

The hermitage of San Telmo is another of the monuments that we find in this place. The day of San Telmo stands out, when the inhabitants of Zumaia and surroundings attend the procession of the hermitage.

Cerca de la ermita de San Telmo, encontramos un sendero que va recorriendo las diferentes formaciones rocosas que se han ido construyendo con el paso de los años.

Si quieres conocer todos los detalles con antelación de la zona, te invitamos a acudir al centro de interpretación de Algorri, ya que, en él, conocerás todas las curiosidades sobre estas formaciones que se han ido creando, y más sobre mutaciones de nuestro planeta.

Playas de Zumaia, Guipúzcoa

En relación a las playas que encontramos en Zumaia, no se quedan atrás. La playa más concurrida y conocida es la de Itzurun, y conseguirá que te enamores de ella. El paisaje que rodea a esta playa es todo un espectáculo, y no te lo querrás perder por nada del mundo.

La playa Itzurun, cuenta con 270 metros de longitud con finas arenas y acompañada de un azul precioso del mar.

Además de esta playa, también se encuentra la playa de Santiago. Tanto esta como la Itzurun son reconocidas por su elevada concentración de yodo, recomendable para nuestra salud.

Pero todo lo que puedes ver en Zumaia no queda aquí. Son muchos lugares que podrás visitar en esta ciudad, y que, seguro que te encantarán, como el faro de Zumaia, el puerto deportivo de Marina Urola o el espacio cultural de Ignacio Zuloaga.

If you come to visit Guipúzcoa soon, Zumaia is one of those places to visit. We even advise you to contact our team to go on trips in San Sebastián or anywhere in the province of Gipuzkoa. Are you going to miss the chance to see this beautiful municipality?

If you are traveling to Zumaia soon and want to know the most special places in the town, get in touch with us.