4 trips in Gipuzkoa that you can’t say no

Gipuzkoa is one of the most impressive destinations in the national territory. The province not only has impressive landscapes that have led millions of people to dream, even taking them to the big screen, but you can also discover unique monuments and enjoy exquisite cuisine.

If it has been chosen as your next destination and you want to know what excursions in Gipuzkoa you should do to enjoy your trip… Let’s get to it!

Getaria: and its winery tradition

Original city of the Spaniard Juan Sebastián Elcano, who made the first trip around the world by boat. It has a great gastronomic richness, with grilled fish and the perfect accompaniment, the Basque wine Txakoli.

Txakoli wine is a denomination of origin with which there are only 31 wineries in the community and 12 of them are located in Getaria, so doing a txakoli tasting in Getaria in one of those iconic wineries is one of the excursions in Gipuzkoa that you will enjoy and remember the most.

Zumaia: Flysch territory

This city is home to one of the natural heritage sites of Gipuzkoa. It is a formation made in the rocks due to erosion over the years. These formations went from being horizontal to vertical, creating walls that defy the sea. They receive the name of Flysch, a word that comes from the German language and refers to slippery ground.

As we have mentioned before, Gipuzkoa has been the site of many series and films. In this case, the wedding between the protagonists of the Spanish film “8 Basque Surnames” took place at the Hermitage of San Telmo in Zumaia. In addition, different scenes from Game of Thrones were also recorded.

Live your own movie scene! Without a doubt, a visit to Zumaia and its surroundings will be one of the excursions in Gipuzkoa that will surprise you with its charm.

Hondarribia: one of the most beautiful towns in the Basque Country

We continue touring the geography addressing the different excursions in Gipuzkoa that you must take on your trip. We arrive at the town of Hondarribia, on the border with our neighboring country, France. As it is a border area, it has been a place of history due to the endless battles that have taken place in its territory. That led to the decision to surround the old town with a wall and today it is the best preserved in the entire autonomous community!

Hondarribia: one of the most beautiful towns in the Basque Country

This incredible town is also known for being full of palaces and, despite its size, it has beautiful palaces such as Carlos V or the Palace of Juana la Loca. Here everything has its history!

Therefore, if you want to enjoy all that history in a unique way, we advise you to take a private excursion to Hondarribia so that you don’t miss anything.

San Sebastián: city of cinema

After visiting small charming towns in the province, you cannot miss a visit to the capital. Go on excursions in San Sebastián where you travel through this beautiful and great city with tours, in addition, there are more innovative and personal options such as bike tours in San Sebastián . It is a great option to do at any time to be able to enjoy every corner in a different way.

If you had any doubts about whether you have chosen your destination well or whether it is an incredible destination for your next vacation, surely you will no longer have any. These have only been some of the excursions in Gipuzkoa that you can take, but practically all corners of the province are worth discovering.