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Go Local San Sebastian was created with the aim of offering visitors the chance to feel like a local and live unforgettable experiences in our city.

Dare to go off the ‘official circuit’ with one of our themed tours by electric bike or on foot, through which you can discover places that you can only discover in the company of a local guide.

The different neighbourhoods with their peculiarities, our favourite pintxos beyond the Old Town, the villages and natural spaces that surround us… Our guided tours are designed for everyone, always with the aim that you have fun getting to know the city, and that you live it, enjoy it and make the most of it, just as we locals do every day.

Iñigo Ansa

Favourite pintxo bars in the Old Town: I go more to other neighbourhoods, but in the Old Town there are many that I like. Paco Bueno, Sport, Haizea, Casa Urola, Ganbara, La Jarana, to finish off with a little drink in Txurrut.

A bar/restaurant you’d like to try: Asador Etxebarri.

A plan/place outside Donosti: “Outside”, Artikutza.

Favourite traditional dish: Tuna pot.

Time in Donosti when you would have liked to live: Mine, but I love to imagine the San Sebastián of the sailors and corsairs and that of the late 19th and early 20th century, which is enough for several books, films or series.

Favourite film/book/series about Donosti or Euskadi: Uff, difficult to choose one. About the rural Basque Country: Tasio, Handia (Giant). About the Basque conflict: Operación Ogro (Operation Ogre), Maixabel, Patria (Homeland). About fantasy: Errementari (The Blacksmith and the Devil), Irati.

Favourite Basque word: Maitia (sweetheart).


What they say about me...

“We loved it, lots of information, lots of history, Iñigo was very friendly and pleasant. Best of all, you could really tell that the guide loved his city, that passion is transmitted and we now see San Sebastian with different eyes.”

Alain Larraya

Favourite pintxo bars in the Old Town: Sport and Zazpi.

A bar/restaurant you’d like to try: Arzak.

A plan/place outside Donosti: Peñas de Aia Natural Park.

Favourite traditional dish: Biscayan style cod.

Time in Donosti when you would have liked to live: 16th century, because of the whole whalers’ issue, etc.

Favourite film/book/series about Donosti or Euskadi: El Faro del Silencio (The lighthouse of silence, set in Pasajes).

Favourite Basque word: Txorimaloa (scarecrow).

What they say about me...

“Getting to know Donosti is already something wonderful, but when it is explained to you with such detail and affection as Alain, our guide, did, you can’t help but fall in love with the city. Thank you for your professionalism and your Basque lessons”.

Hegoi Iparraguirre

Favourite pintxo bars in the Old Town: Goizargi and its ropa vieja, Sport to eat everything on the bar and finally Paco Bueno because its atmosphere is very special.

A bar/restaurant you would like to try: Why choose one when I can choose two: Asador Portuetxe and Rekondo.

Any plans/places outside Donosti: Strolling around Zubieta, having a drink in the town square and going up mount Andatza to visit the remains of the Civil War trenches with their views. It’s actually Donosti, but I don’t count it as such.

Favourite traditional dish: Without a doubt my mother’s baby squid in its ink and my grandmother’s aniseed doughnuts.

Period of San Sebastian in which you would have liked to live: Many! But above all the Belle Epoque during the First World War, I would love to see myself in that noir novel that must have been the San Sebastian of that time.

Favourite film/book/series about Donosti or Euskadi: Ever since I was a child I have loved the story of Patxi Errementaria, a tale in which a simple mortal tricks the devil in a thousand and one ways, all of them more ingenious than the last.

Favourite Basque word: Muxutruk, I love that “for free” is said “in exchange for a kiss”.

What they say about me...

“Hegoi was the tour guide and he was very knowledgeable, and very aware of all participants.”

Alba Irazabalbeitia

Favourite pintxo bars in the Old Town: Sport, Haizea, Paco Bueno, Borda Berri and Gorriti.

A bar/restaurant you’d like to try: I’ve always wanted to go to the Zuberoa, but it has closed… So Arzak, why not?

A plan/place outside Donosti: The Baztan valley and the little French villages inland such as Ainhoa, Sara, Ezpeleta…

Favourite traditional dish: I can’t choose just one! I’ll choose two: hake in green sauce and tuna with tomato sauce. Sooo good!

Time in Donosti when you would have liked to live: Any time before the walls were demolished. I would have loved to see what Donosti was like almost without building and with just a few farms around!

Favourite film/book/series about Donosti or Euskadi: Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel (Show me the way, Ixabel) by Josean Sagastizabal. It’s very funny and I’ve read it a lot of times. There is a film adaptation, but it doesn’t do it justice.

Favourite Basque word: I like many of them, especially the onomatopoeic ones like xirimiri (light rain), zurrumurru (rumour), maramara (softly), borbor (boiling), pilpil (sound of boiling), barrabarra (copiously)…

What they say about me...

“We did a walking tour with Alba and we’re so pleased. She is friendly, interesting, and helpful – in short, an excellent guide.”

Pelayo Lasa

Favourite pintxo bars in the Old Town: Three streets: in Fermín Calbetón, the Sport; in 31st of August, the Gandarias; and in Main Street, Paco Bueno.

A bar/restaurant you’d like to try: Only one? If another one pays, Akelarre or Mugaritz.

A plan/place outside Donosti: Motorbike route along the coast. If it is towards the east, to Hondarribia, and if it is towards the west, to Zumaia. Have lunch there and go for a walk.

Favourite traditional dish: A good bean stew or grilled sea bream.

Time in Donosti when you would have liked to live: If not today, or the 16th century with its whalers, pirates and corsairs, or the Belle Époque, to tell Trotsky to beware of mountaineering.

Favourite film/book/series about Donosti or Euskadi: Patria (Homeland), Ocho Apellidos Vascos (Spanish Affair), Ponga un Vasco en su Vida (Put a Basque in your Life)… and some others that I’m sure I’ve forgotten the title.

What they say about me...

“My husband and I totally enjoyed our tour of the Old City with Pelayo. His English is excellent, and he has an engaging manner, with a deep historical knowledge of San Sebastian and Spain. In 2 1/2 hours, while guiding us through highlights of the Old City, he told us about the local food, restaurants and farmers, and the history and culture of the Basque region and San Sebastian. He offered suggestions of other things to do and see in the area, and answered our myriad questions. We always try to take walking tours in every city we visit, and have taken them in many cities around the world. This was one of the best, and we highly recommend it.”

Local Guides

Local Guides

All our guides are local, trained in Tourism, History or Art History and are dedicated exclusively to giving guided tours in Go Local.

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Small Groups

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Responsible tourism

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