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Albaola Sea Factory of the Basques is a living museum, located in a renovated old shipyard at Pasajes harbour, where you can visit the building process of a 16th century whaleship, live and keeping the traditional techniques from those years.

This is the San Juan, a transoceanic ship built in the 16th century in Pasaia’s bay that sank in the Canadian shores in 1565, where it had sailed to hunt whales, melt their fat and get a very precious oil back then, the 16th century fuel.

At Go Local San Sebastian we are committed to showing the unique places around San Sebastian that best reflect the culture, tradition and history of our city and its people. One of these places is undoubtedly the port of Pasajes, a key point in the maritime and commercial history of the area over the centuries.

In this visit to Albaola you will see how a whaleship is built traditionally and you will dive into the culture and day to day life of the village, with a strong maritime character.

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Tour recommendations

You need to be able to ride a bike and be between 1.50 (4’11”) and 1.90 metres (6’3”) tall to ride the bikes comfortably.

Footwear and clothing suitable for cycling and the weather are RECOMMENDED.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.

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