The Siren



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It is a likely thing that walking through the city you end up surprised at hearing a militar siren. Don´t worry. As you will probably see, we are not afraid at all. We are used to this. There is no fire, we are not under attack. It is just midday.

(Photo: The life of San Sebastian at the beginning of the 20th century)

You can find this siren in the International Clock Shop at Garibai St., and it has been ringing since 1930 to let us know that it is the middle of the day. Back in the day, it meant that the stores where about to get closed, so you had to hurry to finish your purchases.






It used to be signaled by a little cannon that was lit off by the sunlight, in Guipúzcoa square, but it was stolen and we did not get it back until a few years ago.

Alongside the wind and the sea, this is the only sound of the city that has accompanied us throughout time. We hope it never goes away, as it would be a very sad moment for us.

Distance from Go Local: 5 minutes walking

(Headboard photo: Diario Vasco)