Segura, a beatiful medieval town



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Segura is a villa founded by Alfonso X the Wise in 1256 to protect San Adrian’s Royal Road, an enclave that is still filled with the medieval vibe and its origin influenced by Castille, Gipuzkoa and the rest of Europe.

And, despite the passing of time, this village has been able to keep its medieval area, which is the best conserved one in Gipuzkoa, forming a historical and artistic ensemble. In the medieval Segura some things stand out: the Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church, of a gothic style, built in the XIV century, the Casa Ardixarra (the only urban house in the whole region with a wooden structure ) and the Medieval Museum located in its basement, and two entrance halls in the city walls.

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Segura is also one of the few villages in euskadi that still celebrates processions during Easter. So if you want to see something different or don´t want to cope with the multitudes in Seville, maybe you can try this less crowded but equally spectacular event.And to finish with this! Those of you that have kids at home, every December the 6th in Segura is St. Nicolas Txiki or Little Bishop Day. During this beautiful festivity the kids in the village are lead by a 6-year-old male or female bishop throughout the streets while the adult throw candy.

This place may be a little bit far away from San Sebastian, but as you can see is a very interesting place to visit!