Sakoneta beach: a unique landscape in Europe

One of the most outstanding points of the Basque coast is the Playa de la Sakoneta. This is due to its landscapes created by nature and that impresses everyone who visits them. Today we will talk about the route that runs through this piece of coast and that you cannot miss.

How to get to Sakoneta beach

Before talking about how incredible the Sakoneta beach is, we will explain how to get to it. You should know that it cannot be accessed directly by car or vehicle like some of the more touristy beaches in the coastal area.

To get there from San Sebastián, the easiest route is to take the A8 motorway and take exit number 54, which corresponds to the municipality of Itziar. Here you will have to make a decision, do the complete route or go directly to the middle of the route.

In the event that you decide to do the complete route, you must follow the indications to the Itxaspe campsite, from where you can start along the enabled path.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to start just 2 kilometers from the Sakoneta beach, you must access the Mendatagoina Viewpoint where you can also leave the car and continue along the path.

Walk along the Sakoneta beach

Depending on the option you choose, the route will be longer or shorter but, in any case, the difficulty is medium-low since you will only find some unevenness but not more than 100 meters.

Carrying out the complete route you will discover spectacular points that you must stop and observe. Some of them are:

  • Cabo de Aitzuri: The incredible thing about this cape is the two large caves with a height of 20 meters that it has. You can only access them at very low tide but it will still be dangerous, so it is best to observe them from the viewpoint of the cape.
  • Andutz Fault: This is the fault that separates the two large flysch blocks , those in the western part and the eastern part, so the views are very surprising.
  • Mendatagoina Lookout: This will be where you will find the less brave who have decided to start from here. It is a point just over 2 kilometers from the Sakoneta beach and from where you can see the incredible coastal landscape of the area.
  • Sakoneta Beach: the main objective of the route since it is where the most amazing flysch are found. We are referring to the flysch, but what are they about?

The flysch formed in the Basque coastal area, especially on the Sakoneta beach, is a landscape created by erosion where the wind has been removing the softer rocks and leaving the harder ones, thus creating shapes that resemble the “ribs” of the sea. Impossible to miss it!

At this point you can turn around, or continue the tour until the end where we also see one of the most remote corners of the area, the Portutxiki viewpoint.

Walk along the Sakoneta beach

Tips for going to the Sakoneta beach

A pesar de que la ruta sea hasta una playa, de lo que mejor debes equiparte no es un bikini o bañador y crema sino un buen kit de senderismo. Si vas con las chanclas de la playa… ¡Se te hará un poco complicado!

Infórmate de la meteorología y de las mareas pues, a pesar de que se trata de una zona espectacular de cualquier forma, los flysch solo los podrás ver si la marea los deja al descubierto.

Ten cuidado con las caídas. Muchas de las personas que deciden ver de cerca los flysch no recuerdan que se tratan de rocas erosionadas donde se mezcla con arena y agua… ¡Combinación ideal para una buena caída!

Pay attention to all signs and recommendations. The Basque coast can be dangerous due to its tides and strong waves (Sakoneta beach above all) so obey all the instructions you read or receive.

In addition to Sakoneta beach, there are other nearby points and municipalities that you should visit in the Gipuzkoa or Bizkaia area, many of which we recommend doing on a guided tour, such as Bilbao, Guggenheim and Gaztelugatxe, where you will discover all the corners and secrets of the area .