Route 25

Across the world there are many famous routes. You have Route 66, the Silk Road, not forgetting the Tour de France or the Giro d´Italia… and then, in Donosti, we are lucky enough to have the Route 25.

This one takes advantage of the extenze biketrack system that San Sebastian has, “bide-gorri” in basque (red path), to explore the city in a circular tour and see everything it has to offer. Starting from Alderdi-Eder, the Route 25 guides the visitor alongside La Concha bay until the Wind Comb, and from there to the universities in the district of El Antiguo.

There you can find a long train tunnel reconverted into a bike tunnel that leads up to Amara, where you can visit the brand new football stadium for Real Sociedad. After exploring Amara, the Route 25 goes into the district of Riberas de Loiola and the Ametzagaña Park in Egia… finishing in the Zurriola Bridge after riding alongside the East side of the Urumea river, ending back at the starting point, Alderdi-Eder.

At Go Local, we strongly believe that bikes are the best way to explore the districts in town outside of the Old Quarter and the Central district, and we encourage you to try and finish the Route 25 and getting to know Donosti better.