Peñas de Aia

If you are a lover of hiking and you like to enjoy nature and the environment that surrounds the different natural spaces, visiting Guipúzcoa will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

This Basque province has a multitude of green areas, visited by more than 180,000 people throughout most of the year. Among these visits to Donostia, one of the most visited places is the Peñas de Aia.

History of Peñas de Aia

In addition to the magnificent environment surrounding these crags, they are known for their famous history.

These crags emerged from a mass of magma found underground, which over the years turned into granite. After other external factors such as wind and water, and different tectonic movements that were witnessed in the area, what we know today as the crags of Aia were born on the mountain.

In addition to hikers and cyclists, you will also find hikers who love minerals, as the mountain of the Aiako Harria Natural Park is home to all kinds of natural minerals such as siderite and goethite.

Hiking in Peñas de Aia

After knowing a little more about the history of the Peñas de Aia and what we can find in them, we would like to talk about the hiking in this area and the possibilities of enjoying a night in the forest.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, people who love nature and enjoy hiking in the woods and mountains, must visit the Peñas de Aia in Guipúzcoa.

There are many people, families, couples, groups of friends who choose this place to spend a quiet day, enjoying the different natural spaces, in good company. To visit these places, we recommend that you start hiking as soon as possible, to make the most of the time and the hours of sunshine and see everything that surrounds these wonderful natural environments.

However, if you want to see the entire Aiako Harria Natural Park, we recommend that you spend more than one day here, as it will be impossible to see it all in just one day.

You don’t have to worry about accommodation, because if you want to spend a night in the forest, this area has several simple lodgings, the most popular being the municipal hostel in Oiartzun.

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If you are visiting Guipúzcoa soon and you like nature and hiking, you should visit this place, as you are sure to love it.

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