Pakito, Concha’s dolphin




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For six years, we had among us a very special and dear neighbour who lived  in La Concha Bay and that ended up turning into a symbol of the city: Pakito the dolphin.

This peculiar cetacean appeared for the first time in 1998 and left us in 2004 after joining a herd that had ventured inside la Concha Bay, and he never returned, as he passed away in Pasaia some time after. By then, Pakito had not only become a part of the city’s landscape, but also joined the pantheon of endearing folk of the city. So much so, that there is even a unit in our “tamborrada” called “Donosti Dolphins” named in his honor. It is impossible to get more local than that.

Although we don’t have Pakito among us anymore, we do get dolphins sometimes in our city’s shores. There are some that even dare to venture inside the bay, as Pakito did 20 years ago. But they soon get back deep in the sea.