Monte Jaizkibel

Mount Jaizkibel: breathtaking views of the shores of the Bay of Biscay

If you are near San Sebastian and you like hiking or walking while contemplating the beautiful views and enjoying the nature of the area, we invite you to visit Mount Jaizkibel.

Mount Jaizkibel is a mountain over 500 metres high, located next to the sea. It is one of the thousands of incredible places to visit that you will find on the Cantabrian coast.

Jaizkibel has become an icon in history, and is known for being the western end of the Pyrenees. This mountain is considered the second highest coastal mountain in Spain.

In addition, Mount Jaizkibel is famous because the northern road to Santiago de Compostela crosses this mountain on its route.

We tell you a little more about Mount Jaizkibel and offer you the best guided tours in San Sebastian so you can find out all about this place.

How to get to Mount Jaizkibel

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to get to Mount Jaizkibel.

As we mentioned earlier, this mountain is exactly 543 metres high, so if you decide to walk up, you should know that it is a long walk, but it is certainly worth it, or you can also get there by car.

If you go up on foot, you can start the walk from Pasaia, Lezo or Hondarribia, depending on where you come from.

Fort of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

As you go up the mountain, you will come across the largest fort in the Basque Country, that of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. This fort is well known because it is enveloped by a layer of thick vegetation that camouflages it in the mountain itself.

Next to the fort there is a temple, the Sanctuary of Guadalupe in Hondarribia. There is a car park here, ideal for those who drive up the mountain. Opposite the church is a viewpoint where you can enjoy the views of the bay of Txingudi.

Jaizkibel towers

In addition to the forts, the five towers are another of the best-known elements of this place. It is made up of five towers, three of which are in Hondarribia and the rest in Lezo. Almost all of them are hexagonal in shape except for the one facing east, which has a rectangular base.

In ancient times, there were not 5 but 6 towers, but with the passing of time this tower was lost, leaving only the five we are talking about. Each tower has up to one storey, which is accessed from a staircase, usually made of wood.

At 543 metres above sea level, we find the fort of San Enrique, also built in the 19th century. And if we continue down the hill towards Lezo, we will find Lord John’s fort, and this is where the most secluded tower is located.

Jaizkibel by car

Just half an hour’s drive from San Sebastian, Mount Jaizkibel is one of the best places to visit in Donostia. If you use the AP-8 highway you can climb this much-loved mountain.

Although it is a very common place for hiking, other people also want to enjoy the views from the mountain itself or from the viewpoints set up for this purpose. For this option, going up by car can be very entertaining for people with mobility problems.

If you are in San Sebastian or are visiting the city soon and would like to visit Mount Jaizkibel, Go Local San Sebastian offers private tours to any part of San Sebastian or the surrounding area. You can contact us and we will inform you of the best option.