Morlans’ Tunnel

Donosti has an amazing offer for cyclers, like rides alongside the river or the shore. but, without a doubt, the most curious one… is underground. Today, we talk about the Morlans tunnel that connects the districts of Ibaeta-Antiguo and Morlans-Amara Nuevo. 

This tunnel used to be the train tracks for the train that connected Donosti with Bilbao, and it is almost two kilometres long, making it the longest urban bike tunnel in Europe. It is certainly amazing to connect on a straight line two areas that, although being so close, were divided by the hills of Aiete until the opening of the underground bike track. The ride here is quick and comfortable, and very safe, as it has cameras and telephones for assistance, so I encourage you to cross it without any fear. And if you are a little claustrophobic don’t worry, as it has some open stretches. 

Beware though, as the Morlans tunnel is only for bicycles, pedestrians can’t go through here. And it is not open during the whole day, it opens at 7:00 AM until 23:00. We love to use it during our Bike Tour, especially during the summer, as it lets us cool down a little bit!