Monte Ulía, San Sebastián (2)

Monte Ulia, San Sebastián

A place unknown to most tourists, but full of magic and unique corners. If you like nature and hiking, this destination is a mandatory stop on your visit to San Sebastián, we are talking about the fantastic Monte Ulia.

From the neighborhoods of Gros and Ulia to reaching Pasajes is the extension that this mountain, barely 240 meters high, occupies. Monte Ulia, despite not being a particularly large mountain, has great wealth to show us. Do you want to discover the best hidden secrets of Monte Ulía? We’ll tell you everything you need to know, and we’ll save some of the best surprises for you to discover for yourself upon arrival. A plan that will not disappoint you.

Where is Monte Ulia?

Monte Ulia is located on the cliffs of Ulia, which are considered places of European Community importance. This is not surprising, since it is a natural place full of charm that is worth caring for and preserving over time, both for its natural and historical importance.

It is a protected natural park where you can enjoy nature with a great diversity of flora and fauna. From insects such as dragonflies or praying mantises, to animals such as frogs or lizards, without forgetting its floral richness. Ideal for the little ones to be in contact with nature.

In addition to its natural charm, it has a great history. It turns out that Mount Ulia was a strong point of defense for San Sebastián, due to its location. It was also one of the leisure spots for Queen María Cristina de Habsburgo when she decided to move to San Sebastián during her vacations. It is then that the first amusement park in the area was created, although it is no longer operational, we can see the remains of what was the leisure center of the queen.

Where is Monte Ulia?

On Monte Ulia is the Faro de la Plata, in charge of notifying the entrance of the Port of Passages.

Some stories from Monte Ulia

As you can see, these mountains keep a multitude of stories that have left traces over time and now they are waiting for you to discover them.

If we visit Monte Ulia today we can still find remains from this time, both from the base and from the amusement park and much more. Although we no longer have this amusement park as such, there is an ideal picnic area for a picnic and spend a day with family or friends. Occasionally special activities are carried out such as clay pigeon shooting, gymkanas, etc.

In addition, we also find different viewpoints at the top of the mountain such as the Peña del Rey or the Peña del Águila, from where you can enjoy a unique view of the Cantabrian Sea.

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