Leclercq Hat Shop

San Sebastian is a city that despite all the troubles and disasters that has lived over its hundreds of years of existence, still has some places with history, and that are part of the city’s history. Today we talk about one of them, located in the Old Town, on the corner of Narrika and Iñigo street. We are talking about the Leclercq hat shop.


A lifelong business

Founded in 1932 by Jose Maria Leclercq Sarasola, of Belgian ancestors, also a former worker for Sombrerería Ponsol, and children dressmaker Victorina Carrasco Alonso, his wife, it’s nowadays one of the very very few craft hat factories and shops in the Basque Country. Back in 1932 hat shops were a booming business in San Sebastian, it was the compulsory accessory, and we got to have around a dozen of them, that employed many people. Nowadays things are very different, but Sombrerería Leclercq is still very present in San Sebastian, as it provides Tamborrada hats to many societies and schools.

Now the hat shop is in the hands of José María Leclercq, historian and archeologist specialized in the military history of San Sebastian. So much so that he has a website of mandatory search for the ones interested in these topics. He has been recently awarded with the city’s Civic Merit Medal, for his selfless work when it comes to preserve and make public the history of Donosti.