Horror & Fantasy Film Festival

Cinematographically, Donostia appears in the radars every year with the International Film Festival. During this week, some of the brightest stars in all of cinema share the spot with living legends. And this is something to be proud of, but… sometimes you just want something different, something less formal and more casual, bloody and wild. Less pomp and circumstance, straight to the gut. And then, we all go down into the darkest pit for a whole week during the festival dedicated to terror and fantastic films, starting every October the 26th.

For a week, the Principal Theater becomes the place to be for the fans of the fantastic movies, the horror movies, the gore movies or… well, the ones that can’t be described at all, where people sometimes spend the whole day watching one movie after another. In other festivals, people watch the movies in complete silence, but not here: in this one, spectators cheer, boo, scream, yell their disappointment with the movies and the decisions that the characters make and make sure that everyone knows their opinion about the film. In this “hooliganesque” environment, you can find a different festival that has been evolving for almost 30 years.

And there is more than films and yelling to this festival, as you can also find concerts, exhibitions, zombie walks and conferences. A perfect option for those who want to avoid glamour and take a turn towards the weirdness.