Cheese. This word moves mountains in the Basque Country. This land is very lucky, as we have a good variety of this delicious food, being able to satisfy the most exquisite taste. From the most known one to the one that the most humble farmer made with all his love and dedication, everyone can find something to satisfy their taste, that something they have been looking for for a while, or even something they did not know they needed.

(Photo: Gaztagune cheese board)

And, what better for that than to visit Gaztagune, where cheese is revered? This shop is located in the centric Elcano Street, but you only need to follow the smell to find this Meca for cheese. Once inside, the huge variety can be overwhelming, but if you are looking for professional advice, the shopkeeper, will be happy to hear you and point you in the right direction. In Go Local we usually buy here the cheese that serves as a prize for the winners of our gymkanas.

Pass by Gaztagune and take with you a little token of the great food we have in the Basque Country! And remember… GAZTA IS CHEESE!